How to Run a Safety Scam

How to Run a Safety Scam

health and safety manThe safety industry is a hotbed for scams. With a naïve curriculum, simplistic Body of Knowledge, deontological ethic and a profound absence of critical thinking, what a place rake in off a scam. The latest one I was posted was this one: How to determine your ‘safety personality’. If you fall for this one then you are ripe for a scam.

Why is it that this industry resorts to this mythical simplistic and dangerous stuff? You know why.

There is no such thing as a ‘safety personality’ indeed, the use of such a phrase appeals to the naïve and demonstrates that those proposing such a thing know nothing about psychometrics or psychology. It’s like a mob I was once show who ran a scam diagnostic called safety DNA, devised by engineers! There are dozens of similar scams all guaranteeing the impossible for the gullible. Many guarantee zero, predictive capabilities and promises. The perfect language to run a scam in safety.

So, if you want to get in on a safety scam and make either some easy money or get access to personal data, try the following:

  • Find an industry with a poor level of education
  • Make sure the industry doesn’t teach people how to think critically
  • Ensure the industry is fixated on compliance and obedience
  • Ensure the industry has a simplistic ethic like ‘check your gut’ or believes in ‘common sense’
  • Make sure the industry resists complexity
  • Confirm the industry believes in naïve notions of psychology
  • Corroborate that the groups in the industry have good cash flow
  • Set up a sucker question that feeds blind expectation
  • Use language of the Justice Cult and gurus of the industry
  • Watch out for naïve beliefs and wishing the impossible

Then run your scam and watch the emails and suckers lining up.

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