How To Develop A Safe Work Method Statement

Develop A Safe Work Method Statement Efficiently By Using A Professionally Designed Template

High risk industries are required by authorities to properly identify the hazards and risks involved in the work, as well as determine the most effective control measures for all of these. This is a stringent task to promote full safety in all aspects of operation and demands the input from practically all the key players on the job.

For this purpose, a fully comprehensive and organised Safe Work Method Statement or SWMS is prepared and it must:

– Explain the legal accountability of the company in making sure all aspects of operations will be carried out according to the requirements of the law;

– List the types of high-risk construction work being done;

– Enumerate all the health and safety hazards and risks that typically arise from all that work;

– Describe how all these hazards and risks will be controlled, and how the control practices will be implemented or executed; and

– Take into account the changing dynamics of the work environment.

Once all these are covered in the document, the construction company must then make sure that all aspects of work are compliant with this document.

As the SWMS needs to take into consideration a multitude of variables for safety, the completion of this requirement can take a significantly long time — and even more so if it’s the company’s first time to develop an SWMS. Making sure that all data are presented in a thorough and easy to understand fashion can often be a big challenge.

For those who want a reliable guide to follow so they can develop this requirement, they can either outsource the services of professionals (who are highly experienced in the preparation of this document and can teach some members of the organisation the proper way of creating an industry-compliant SWMS), or use a Safe Work Method Statement template which can be purchased online and downloaded easily.

If a company has the luxury of more time and a bigger budget, professional services will prove to be quite a smart choice because industry professionals can better educate those members of the organisation who will then be tasked to develop the document in the future. But if they are pressed for time and wish for a more economical way of taking care of this requirement, the latter option is definitely the better choice to go with. The template was created by industry experts so all the company has to do is follow the same outline and provide the appropriate data, or customise the template as needed to accommodate additional requirements.

Developing this important requirement does not need to be a cause for delay. By opting for professional assistance or using an affordable template which can be repeatedly used, a company will be able to demonstrate full industry compliance and promote safety in all aspects of its operations.

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