AS/NZS5762:2005 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing – Repaired Electrical Equipment Standard

Standards Australia have released the new AS/NZS5762: 2005 In-Service safety inspection and testing – Repaired electrical equipment standard.

While many companies are recognise there AS/NZS3760 obligations which requires them to periodically test and tag their single phase and polyphase electrical equipment in the workplace, this new standard indicates the requirements for the post-sale safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment, which has been repaired, or undergone service maintenance which could have affected its electrical safety.

This standard covers the testing and inspection process following the repair of electrical appliances so that when the appliance re-enters service, protection against hazards such as electrical shock, mechanical injury, or electrical fire is ensured as far as possible.

All tests are conducted in accordance with AS/NZ 3760: 2005 – In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment with extra requirements on the test tags.

AS/NZS5762: 2005 specifies that both compliant and non-compliant equipment shall be fitted with a tag or other indicator. So equipment that requires remedial action shall be labelled to indicate that it requires repair and compliant equipment that has undergone the required repair shall be labelled with a compliant equipment tag.

For more information on this standard or to purchase the standard, please visit the standards Australia website =>

Source by Mark Grech

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