Adhere to your legal obligations as a Club Manager

Adhere to your legal obligations as a Club Manager

Club Managers Guide to Workplace Safety 2015/16 – Released

CB4-5-Chart-Image-72dpiThere is nothing more important in the workplace than the safety and wellbeing of employers and their employees. Safety procedures must be implemented to ensure working environments are kept hazard-free. This is why Pro-Visual Publishing, in partnership with the National Safety Council of Australia Foundation (NSCA) and Safe Work Australia, has released its most recent edition of the Club Managers Guide to Workplace Safety 2015/16. The guide is an essential resource that aims to educate and inform club managers and employees by demonstrating various ways to promote a safe and healthy workplace.

Club managers have a legal and moral obligation to provide a work environment that complies with WHS legislation and current industry standards. Managers must ensure they provide relevant and appropriate training for all staff, implement positive performance indicators to assess the effectiveness of hazard control measures, and actively promote health and safety in the workplace.

The management of fatigue is essential in the clubs industry, particularly with regards to shift workers. Not only does fatigue reduce a person’s ability to perform work safely, it can also lead to an increase in workplace incidents and injuries. Management strategies that reduce or eliminate the risks associated with fatigue must be adopted. Safety should always be a number one priority.

“I would like to thank all of the sponsors of the Club Managers Guide to Workplace Safety 2015/16. Their support has made it possible for the Guide to be distributed free of charge.”

– John Hutchings, CEO, Pro-Visual Publishing.

Pro-Visual Publishing is the leading specialist in wall-mounted workplace health & safety, food safety & hygiene and health & wellbeing information resource Guides. Each Guide is practical and informative, providing a quick reference point for management and staff. Pro-Visual Publishing’s Guides are designed to inform, motivate, educate and above all keep people and their workplaces safe!

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