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imageG’day Everyone

I received an interesting note today from a building and construction person who stated: ‘I would like to be part of this community, although I feel completely inadequate given I don’t have qualifications’. And this prompted this blog.

So, let me start a reply to everyone who would like to join the SPoR Community Network.

I am a High School drop-out and have learned much through the school of ‘hard knocks’. I have learned through SPoR how important it is to read but I am certainly no academic. I have held several careers throughout my life and now find myself consulting in risk and safety in Adelaide, South Australia.

I discovered SPoR like many of you through this blog and through attending a free workshop. I have never looked back and have benefitted greatly from the support and sharing of many people who I have met through SPoR.

I discovered early that SPoR is NOT about academic things but rather about what works in tackling risk as if persons matter. One important attribute is a willingness to learn. SPoR is not the place to come and tell all you know about engineering or safety.

So, whilst there will be some sharing of what some highly credentialed people may be doing it is also a Community Network where you will learn what High School drop-outs like me are doing to humanise risk in the workplace. You will get to hear what people are doing in Brazil, New Zealand, Austria, South Africa, Canada and many other places and across many industries in SPoR and sharing ideas and practical methods that you can use.

So, to help further understand the purpose and meaning of this group I have prepared the following table:

What the SPoR Community Network Is What the SPoR Community Network Isn’t
An open learning space A doctoral thesis
A place where practical and doable SPoR learnings can be shared A Dr Rob Long & Dr Craig Ashhurst extension club
Learner led Academia/University
Collaborative An argument platform for validity
A place to support any learner in SPoR A business model
Cross cultural A selling marketing warehouse
Transparent A club or cult
A place for humble enquiry Publishing house
A place for open questions seeking learning A place for dogma

It says a great deal that a school drop-out like me is the one coordinating such a network and says much about the nature of SPoR.

Cheers Matt.

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