Top 10 Resume Stuff Ups

Top 10 Resume Stuff Ups When Applying for a Safety Role

Guest post by George Robotham from

As the result of some Linkedin OHS forum posts where I advised the availability of a resume template and some advice on job interviews (Available on request to a number of people have sent me their resumes and asked for advice on improving. Based on what I have seen recently I give the following advice-

  1. Keep the bloody thing succinct and easy to read, one bloke sent me 25 pages, no bastard is going to read that, I am thinking 5 pages max. Put the most important stuff in the first 2 pages, often that is all that will be read.
  2. Put your career objective in early but do not be too specific as you may miss out on the job that does not fit the bill exactly
  3. Instead of putting in wishy washy achievements in each job think of 2-3 gutsy achievements you are really proud of and put them in early
  4. Ask yourself if experience more than 10 years ago is really relevant
  5. Keep what you say really tight, do not ramble on.
  6. Realise your broader management skills such as communication and interpersonal skills are just as important as your OHS technical skills
  7. Watch out for motherhood statements. The employer does not want you to tell them how incredibly clever you are, they want solid examples of where you have successfully done the job.
  8. Putting in the responsibilities / accountabilities in your various jobs is a good approach.
  9. Too much fancy graphics can work against you
  10. Get someone with a background in recruitment to review your resume

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