Tips on Using Powerpoint in Safety Presentations

Tips on Using Powerpoint in Safety Presentations

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Power-point can be a very valuable aid to your presentation but only if used correctly

The use of Power-Point presentations

There are 4 very common mistakes with the use of Power-Point presentations.

  1. Stuffing far too much material on the presentation, the need to constantly display the company logo is particularly inappropriate in my view.
  2. Font size too small for those at the back of the room to read it. A particular problem with an older audience
  3. An over-reliance on the technology, you should be prepared for a power failure or for some other reason an inability to use the technology.
  4. Too many presentations, many presenters foster “Death by Power-Point” (Too many or over reliance on them)

Tips for preparing presentations.

  • Keep them simple and visually strong
  • Use keywords not sentences or phrases
  • Bring it alive with colour and clip-art
  • Make sure it says exactly what you mean
  • Big font
  • Use a sequence of presentations to build to a point you are making
  • Use strong colours for font, black, dark blue, dark purple etc.
  • Dark blue, dark green, dark red contrasted with a strong yellow background can be visually appealing.
  • Some people get annoyed if you read to them what they can easily read for themselves on the screen
  • Slow down your pace to allow sufficient time for your audience to read what is on the screen
  • Always check your presentation can be read from the back of the room
  • Incorporate as much multi-media into the presentation as possible, it is relatively easy to incorporate video into power-point
  • The wise learning facilitator uses a wide range of learning methodologies

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