Humanising Safety Free Virtual Conference

Humanising Safety Free Virtual Conference


Here’s an opportunity for you to hear some challenging speakers on Humanising Safety, you can register here:

This safety conference now moves into more explicit anthropocentric territory covering the ethical implications of our control of safety and risk, the benefits of bottom-up organisational structures, and learning in different ways to best handle a complex world full of irremovable uncertainty.

The BALPA Flight Safety team, both hope and expect, that this conference will deeply challenge our audience. Listening to these speakers has greatly influenced our thoughts and we will be interested to see your reaction.

Our aim with this conference is to make the audience seriously consider the approach to risk and safety management that they are advocating. This is not because we are advocating one approach as right or wrong, but because we think it may be time to re-examine the very foundations of how we understand the nature of our workplaces and so, how we ethically and practically handle safety and risk within them.

Free to Register Zoom Conference

Date – 27th January 2022

Time – 09:00 – 13:30 GMT (London)


Dr Robert Long –

The Ethics of Safety and Risk

Dr Donna Cohen –

Back to Front and Upside Down – Is top-down command and control working for anyone?

Dr Nippin Anand –

Can we ever learn from accidents? The Costa Concordia story.

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