iCue Education Pack to Enable Learning in the SPoR Approach to Risk

iCue Education Pack to Enable Learning in the SPoR Approach to Risk

imageThe next free Introduction to SPoR will be conducted in April 2022, you can register HERE.  The limit is to 50 people and already 20 are enrolled.

There are still a few places in the free SEEK and Semiotics modules starting soon. All of these are introductory and very practical with a focus on skill development in iCue Engagement. iCue is about an intelligent approach to risk, recognizing critical cues as indicators of rsik.

However, you don’t have to wait till then if you want to learn about the SPoR approach to risk. We have now developed an Education Starter Pack to get you started. This includes the following:

  • It Works, A New Approach to Risk and Safety ($29.95)
  • The iCue Engagement Manual (A4 for reproduction and Coaching) ($29.95)
  • iCue Conversation Role Play Cards ($40)
  • iCue Video Coaching Series (5 videos)
  • Base Magnet Set (1B3M, WS, HS, GS set) ($5)
  • Advanced Magnet Set (27 Conversation Combinations) ($80)
  • SPoR and RYSK lapel pins
  • An option of face-to-face coaching with Dr Long and the SPoR team

The key to the iCue Method is tackling the social dimensions of risk. You can use this pack to begin your education and learning in a Social Psychology approach to risk.

You can also download for free eleven of the books in the SPoR series on risk ( The key to understanding risk is to understand the Socialitie of personhood, the human and collective unconscious, the nature of human judgment and decision making and iCue skills in identifying risk in Workspace, Headspace and Groupspace.

If you are up for the challenge then maybe this is your place to begin. If you want to know more email: Dr Long at

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