Day 9 SPoR in Europe

The second week in Europe started with a new group of people, again from all over the world yearning to learn about SPoR.

We even had an Aussie in this group. At least someone got my jokes.

The new group came to learn Advanced Semiotics. Going beyond the basics of textbooks semiotics to lived semiotics.

This advanced group was about to embark on a semiotic walk in two days time at Mauthausen.

This was a mixed group at different level of understanding and so it was challenging to help the engineers in the room to move from measurement to poetics as a way of knowing.

Just as culture can only be understood poetically, similarly semiotics can only be understood poetically. This mean that in order to understand culture and semiotics, one has to step away from mentality of measurement to an embodied sense of knowing. This is always a challenge for the engineers in the room.

We started the day by constructing a pyramidic puzzle which helps summarise the many component parts of the semiosphere.

Another highlight for the day was using a mandala to illustrate the competing forces and energies in risk at work.

For some of those reading these journals and discovering new concepts and language about semiotics, there is plenty in this blog site to help explain and answer your question.

The day ended with another wonderful group dinner where the semiotics of food and wine (taste, smell, feel, texture, appearance, design, ambience, music and dialogue) were understood semiotically.

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