Introduction to The Social Psychology of Risk – Free Online Module

Originally posted on March 26, 2020 @ 1:03 PM

Introduction to The Social Psychology of Risk

Free Online Module

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In light of recent precautions about Covid-19 and the need for self isolation, the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR – ) is pleased to make Module One An Introduction to The Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) Free and available to all. This course is also complemented by the free download of Book One in the series Risk Makes Sense ( and the full training manual.

You can read about an introduction to SPoR here:

If you register and download this course your details will be used to invite you to a concluding free Zoom Webinar hosted by Dr Long on 29 May 2020 at 10am (EST Australia) and email will also be included in the next quarterly CLLR Newsletter.

Registrations will close on 1 April 2020 with a limit of 200 students. New cohorts will be offered in the future via: and the CLLR Newsletter.

You can register for the Module and download here:

If you register you will be taken to a launch page that provides:

· A download of the Training Manual

· The link to the video series and pw

· There is also a welcome letter on the launch page

Once you get access to the Module Showcase you will see 25 videos, please watch them in order starting with Unit 1 Part 1. Once you have watched the first 7 videos, you then watch each student tutorial presentation in any order you wish. From registration date to Webinar conclusion gives you 8 weeks to view the videos and keep your journal of questions and ideas. You can also email questions to

The course proposes you keep a journal of learnings, questions and ideas to be submitted to Dr Long at the end of the study time period concluding with the Webinar on 29 May at 10 am (EST Australia).

If you fulfil these requirements of watching the videos and submission of your journal, CLLR will issue you with a certificate of completion (example below) for Module One SPoR.


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