AS4801 Auditing OHS management systems

Auditing OHS management systems Guest Post by the late George Robotham Introduction There is some confusion in practice between the terms inspection and audit, I distinguish between the two by saying you inspect things and you audit systems. Organisations that are successful at Occupational Health and Safety have regular comprehensive internal and external audits. AS/NZS… Read More AS4801 Auditing OHS management systems

AS4801 Consultants

Recommended AS4801 Consultants, OHSMS Auditors, RABSQA Training and Systems Developers: Safety In Industry These guys are very keen to help construction businesses as they have personally managed large organisations and taken them through FSC accreditation etc. They have found that unless you have implemented and gone through the pain of an FSC accreditation you just… Read More AS4801 Consultants

AS4801 OHS Manual

AS4801 OHS Manual If you have a small to medium sized business and would like to set up a safety system to comply with and perhaps even become certified to Australian Standard AS4801 then “Everything OHS” may have “everything” you need. They are offering their 60 page generic Safety Manual, in Word Format for only… Read More AS4801 OHS Manual