The Global ‘Zero Event’, This is Safety

This is how Safety describes what it does.

Here it is on full show. Come to Safety so you can have zero vision about risk.

Do you want to count how many zero events safety has held recently. I guess a zero event means you had neither an event nor nothing to count?

And anyone and everyone who goes to any ‘zero event’ by their attendance, validates the delusion of safety ( as a quest for zero.

Make no mistake, Safety is Zero and Zero is Safety!

Ah, for the Love of Zero! ( I spoke about 11 years ago.

Unless you understand the semiotics of zero and the archetype of zero, you will never see the monster in the room. Just imagine how more religious Safety will become over the next 10 years as it continues to deny fallibility and adores perfectionism! ( )

Of course, this means that the NSW Regulator validates zero and considers the purpose of its work as defined by a number. And so, when the NSW Regulator talks about ‘psychosocial hazards’, we know exactly who NOT to report to.

Zero is the ideology and ‘mindset’ for brutalism.

And, what do you learn at a ‘zero event’? Nothing.

And, if you go here golden ( ), you can see how to achieve zero through ‘7 Golden Rules’ that are neither ‘golden’ nor anything different than what safety has done for 40 years.

You can also read about zero events and even get a ‘zero mindset’ to help you achieve nothing.

You can also become an accredited zero trainer to help you achieve nothing.

Look here, you can catch up on all the ‘zero news’ where there is zero vision about risk and zero vision about persons, ethics, helping, care or being professional.

And here it is, the great zero delusion ‘all accidents are preventable’. I wonder what Insurance companies know that Safety doesn’t?

Poor olde Safety, has no idea what to do about fallibility, mortality or personhood because it defines itself by injury rates.

Just more of the grand delusion and religious ‘belief’ that perfection is attainable in some insane ‘transformational approach’ and ‘concept’ that brutalises people for their wellbeing.

Look at this industry so deeply embedded to a myth and delusion, that can never give this away but can only get more deeply embedded in its own mythology as we see in the ‘Spirit of Zero’ myth (

Just imagine that by speaking zero one can grow limbs back on, heal the sick and restore life to the injured!

And, here is that ‘transformational approach’, nothing more than propaganda with no method:

And, here is the mythology where everything has a cause and everything can be prevented. If so, why is it that most court cases and lawyers find no cause? What faith to believe in ‘root cause’ when there is none? (

And, don’t forget the economic payoff and return on investment!

And, here is the Holy trinity of zero:

Just look at the language of this, ‘and only some of the more tangible aspects of health are covered’. There you have it, selective zero! So, let’s acknowledge (secretly) the reality of fallibility and impossibility of achieving full health but blame organisations for not having systematic and proactive approaches to safety!

It’s laughable, dangerous and harmful.

Is this your version of safety? ( )

Is this what you acknowledge and identify with? Just look at the speakers at the convention and the organisations at the Sydney convention that validate all this nonsense.

Make sure you don’t engage their work because they clearly love zero, and its outcome – brutalism.

Of course, there can be no community in such an unethical group.

There can be no community in any group that makes its foundation for belonging perfection!

The ethic of community can only exist where there is acceptance, forgiveness for fallibility, learning, care and helping. Zero can know none of these.

However, if you do want to know how to tackle risk in the reality of fallibility, without the mythology and brutalism of zero then, you can start a new journey here ( and a new journey in Due Diligence here (

In SPoR, we reject zero and its outcome brutalism.

In SPoR, we reject the religious mythology of zero and accept the challenge of fallibility in tackling risk, in positive, practical, ethical and constructive methods that work (


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