Safety as Zero, The Perfect Event


Zero is an ideology of perfectionism. I wonder what happens at a ‘zero event’ ( if you make a mistake?

We know from all the research that perfectionism is a mental health disorder ( Perfectionism creates harm such as: eating orders (, anxiety and depression disorders (, social dysfunction, self-harm ( ( and general physical illhealth (

Even Dekker demonstrates that zero creates harm more than it solves harm ( ).

But don’t worry, you won’t need to hear about any of this at the ‘zero event’ being run in Sydney in November! You won’t even have to hear anything about zero being debated or zero being questioned. Such is the great safety delusion ( ).

Can you just imagine being at this ‘zero event’ and attending a ‘zero presentation’ then questioning the toxicity of zero? I wonder how quick the zero security guards would zero in in and turn you into zero?

So much for ‘influencing from within’, such a simplistic ignorant mythology.

Perfectionism is not just harming us, it’s killing us (

Any ideology that expects perfection of fallible-mortal persons creates a psychosis.

Any activity that demands perfection of fallible-mortal persons creates mental illness.


Any ideology of zero has not other trajectory than the brutalism of fallible people.

Hmmm, so let’s promote psychosocial ‘hazards’ and create them at the same time, what a great business model.

Indeed, research actually demonstrates that lowering standards can actually improve mental health (

More so, experts like Amalberti show conclusively that zero harm is impossible ( ). That’s why you have to get in DuPont to ‘believe the impossible’ ( then deny you killed thousands of people and cover it up, whilst continuing to promote perfection ( ). Ah DuPont, the great leaders in zero-safety. But don’t worry, we always have the mythical Bradley Curve to show you that only Dupont can save you from your original sin to harm by DuPont systems. Ah, believe in DuPont and thou shalt be saved.

If you want to avoid the toxicity of perfectionism and understand how to tackle risk with positivity, practicality and reality then, perhaps explore what SPoR has to offer. Maybe even make contact and email and have a discussion about how SPoR accepts the reality of fallibility and helps people tackle risk with methods that work ( that don’t harm people.


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