Is There Space for Imagination in Safety? A Video.

When we think of visionaries, we think of imagination. The idea of envisioning ( requires imagination, creativity and innovation. All three require stepping outside the bounds of orthodoxy and non-conformance.

When we look at visionary artists, musicians and writers we see people not bothered by being harnessed by traditions, systems and procedures. Many are able to experiment, create and innovate without fear or being anchored to the expectations and constraints of orthodoxy.

We have written about the Imagination before:

It is interesting to see so called ‘innovation’ in safety, all about movement within the safety bubble. It’s fascinating to see Safety talk about innovation and yet not hear the word ‘imagination’ spoken. Just look at any safety program espousing innovation and look for the word, it’s not there.

When the ideology is zero and behaviourism is the worldview, there is no place for the Imagination.

There is nothing safe in the Imagination space.

If you are interested in the Imagination, you can see a video conversation between Dr Rob Long and Dr Nippin Anand here:

Last time Nippin was in Canberra we had a chat about the Imagination in my courtyard with the afternoon sun streaming through the pathway. A lovely setting to imagine about the Imagination.

The best way to test your imagination is to ask: what have you created that is ‘outside the box’? What have you discovered and created that looks beyond the confines of orthodox engineering-behaviourist safety? How does your method of innovation work? What does it do? How does your method go beyond the bounds of orthodox safety? How can you be innovative still working within the old secure safety worldview?


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