Safety is an Outcome –

SPOR understands Safety as an Archetype, and an outcome.

It is an important distinction, as we often see practioners trying to personify themselves as Safety.

Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) understands Safety as an outcome because it is the result of how one tackles risk.

Because you received a good result today, doesn’t mean that future outcomes will mimic the original results.

Humans are the variable that is ignored by Safety. Safety as an industry sees humans most often as a factor in a System. The real challenge is ensuring that systems serve persons and not persons who serve systems. This is the starting point to humanising the method one uses to tackle risk.

What worked today may be ineffective tomorrow. Just ask Boeing about the 737 Max 9.

So, what to do next?

Matt Thorne from Risk Diversity and the Centre for Leadership and Learning in Risk (CLLR) is offering a free two hour SPoR Methods workshop for Organisational Leadership Teams.

In this workshop he will show you how to use SPoR Methods to improve your Risk Intelligence (iCue) and improve Organisational Culture.

If you are interested in a 2 hour online workshop please contact:

Matthew Thorne
Executive Director
Mobile: 0413 771 723



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