Conversations About Psychosocial Risk Session 2 – Greg Smith, Dr Craig Ashhurst and Dr Rob Long

This is the next conversation between Greg Smith, Dr Craig Ashhurst and Dr Long regarding Psychosocial Health. This is a continuance from the initial conversation that was discussed here:

The first video discussion is here:

The second video discussion is below.

In this video we explore the nature of Psychosocial Health as a ‘Wicked Problem’ (; and how current approaches documented in ISO 45003 and various Codes of Practice create new problems.

Towards the end of video two, we discuss some practical solutions but given the nature of wicked problems such approaches at best can only ‘tackle’ not ‘tame’ the problem, created by Safety ( ). We will however be exploring practical approaches outside of the codes and standard in future videos.

In the next video (three) we will discuss critical issues to do with ethics particularly, the ethics of care. If Psychosocial health is now a responsibility for Safety, why is the industry silent on Care Ethics? Why is the industry so silent on the nature of helping? What does caring mean? How can a safety person ‘police’ safety and also help and care for others?

These are some of the questions we will tackle in the next discussion.

Psychosocial Health COnversation 2 from CLLR on Vimeo.


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