Workshops with Dr Long – Vienna, Austria 26-30 June 2023

Time is fast approaching for our workshops planned for Vienna and a few places are still available for registration.

You can register online:

Or, can be invoiced directly for a 10% discount. Email or

The workshops target two of the most popular aspects of SPoR:

These are the very foundation of SPoR and help people use visual, verbal and relational thinking ( for understanding risk.

So much of what occurs in risk assessment in the risk and safety industry doesn’t assist in visualising relationships, causal relationships and verbal/visual knowing in tackling risk.

This will be most likely the last trip Dr Long will make to Europe.

In SPoR, we provide practical and positive tools/methods to undertake this approach to risk. You will learn these in the workshops. This means that participants don’t leave the workshops with a few slogans, stories and ideas but with practical, doable tools that will change the way risk assessment is undertaken.

The SPoR methods that are learned in the workshops don’t involve more paperwork but rather complement current risk assessment systems by learning new skills in envisioning risk.

If you want to know more, you can write to Dr Long or download any of the books offered for free here:

Participants at the workshops will all receive: a copy of the book (It Works, a New Approach to Risk and Safety), the iCue training manual, the iCue tools, iCue Pocketbook, access to training videos, workshop handouts and role play cards.

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