Vale George Robotham

Vale George Robotham – Safety Legend!

I just heard the devastating news that my friend, mentor and major contributor to this blog, Safety Legend George Robotham, has passed away after a short stay in Hospital.

Regular readers of this blog will have enjoyed his articles and ebooks – writing and sharing his extensive experience and knowledge was something George loved to do, He has also mentored many new safety professionals. We can all be mega thankful for that legacy he has left us.

He was my number one inspiration in keeping this blog going and I am now totally lost for words for the first time in ages – all I can say is that I will desperately miss you and your contributions mate – thankyou for your encouragement, passion, brutally honest feedback, your never ending quest to “keep the bastards honest” and your healthy dis-respect for bureaucracy, tradition, hierarchies, displacement activities, convoluted systems and ummmm those who “engage in acts of public masturbation” (I laughed so hard when you first introduced me to that concept).

The only thing we did not agree on was his preference for XXXX Gold (that is how QLD’ers spell beer – for our o/s readers).

George was definitely a night owl and every morning I would wake, check my emails and smile to one of his no punches pulled commentaries, latest articles, recipes, dirty jokes, schemes or anecdotes – simple things which I will appreciate even more from now on.

My deepest condolences to his wife Lorraine and their boys.


Update: Wow!!! After reading all of the comments below and the emails I have received today, I am totally overwhelmed by the incredible impact George has had on so many people all over the world!! I am proud and honoured to have known him and to have been able to provide one of the conduits for his wisdom.  I vow to keep his work alive and hope you will spread the word of this remarkable man and his awesome stuff as obviously so many have already done – Geez he would be impressed – I can just imagine him saying “F.I.G.J.A.M.” as often he did, but in the humblest possible way!

George’s articles can be found here

His Ebooks can be found here

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