Update on Zero Survey, Just believe!

Everyone in safety (except CEOs, associations and regulators) know that Zero ideology is delusional (https://www.humandymensions.com/product/zero-the-great-safety-delusion/). This is confirmed time and time again by the Zero Survey we started (https://spor.com.au/zero-vision-survey/) three years ago.

Now with over 4000 respondents the results are consistent from the time things tipped over 500. This is also substantiated by our expert mathematical team.

So, here is an update to consider when observing the delusions of the ‘zero event’ to be held soon in Sydney. And make sure you check out all the lovers of zero (sponsors) and avoid dealing with any of them. They obviously don’t understand people in safety. One thing is for sure, none of these sponsors have any interest in data or evidence, they would much prefer delusion, mythology and faith-belief in nothing.

So here are the latest results.

So, there you have it folks. Safety people (not the sponsors, associations or regulators):

1. Don’t believe in zero (by a huge margin)

2. Believe humans are fallible and mortal (by a huge margin)

3. Don’t believe all accidents are preventable (by a huge margin)

4. Sadly, think safety is a choice

5. Belief safety is a wicked problem

6. Believe zero is unachievable (by a huge margin)

7. Think zero is a religious ideology

8. Believe zero leads to bullying (god bless psychosocial hazards)

9. Know that zero causes dishonesty (obviously no professional ethics) and,

10. The industry would be better off without zero

There you have it.

So, why is this Congress in November a ‘zero event’? Who is behind this delusional language? Obviously, all the sponsors love this language and confirm it by their sponsorship?

How out of touch are the sponsors, associations and regulators from the people at the front line who actually know what safety is about?

Who is this who actually believes that injury rates define the presence of safety?

Just think of how all of this divides the industry, and fragments the industry so that those in authority and power have not a clue about what really happens at the coalface! The evidence and data are very clear.

And can we get rid of this nonsense ideology? No. The sponsors, associations and regulators obviously love the toxicity that all this generates. Let’s spruik the language of ‘psychosocial hazards’ whilst praising the delights of brutalism, bullying and dishonesty! Well done Safety!


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