The Fallibility Factor

imageIsn’t it strange that we read everywhere in safety about ‘Human Factors’ but never about the Fallibility Factors.

Fallibility is the character, status, quality, nature and the enduring permanence of being a human person.

Fallibility is essential for learning and risk. Fallibility is the wonderful eternal gift that makes what it is to be human.

Interestingly when we do read about ‘Human Factors’ there is never a discussion about ‘being’ human ( but always about humans as a ‘factor’ in a system. And even then, when reading such genre, one would think humans are enemies of the system (

Understanding the nature of being fallibly human ought to be foundational for any person in the risk and safety industry (

Understanding what it is to be human is essential for resisting the work of de-humanising people (

One of the best disciplines to study is Anthropology. Anthropos = human, ology = study. Even better, Semiotic Anthropology ( the study of the human self. Anthropology is also an excellent place to start in understanding culture.

But if you are wishing some introductory reading on the nature of being human, this might be a helpful start: Semler, Hodge and Kelly (2012) What is the Human? Australian Voices from the Humanities.

Understanding the nature of human personhood is foundational for ethical practice. This is why you will find no discussion of this critical matter anywhere in safety. Especially in the AIHS BoK Chapter on Ethics!

If Safety were to ever explore an understanding of the nature of fallible human personhood, it could never maintain the delusional nonsense ideology of zero.

Zero is the foundation of unethical practice because at its foundation it denies the reality of fallible humanity.

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