Compiled 4th Nov 2017


clip_image002The flood season is fast approaching and timely to talk about a couple of South East Queensland locals trading as Oceanic Growth Partners and taking up a product that looks globally relevant in flood mitigation. Oceania Growth Partners saw the product at an Agricultural Festival in Ireland on the tail end of a recent collaborative Australian and NZ Innovation Trade Mission to Ireland.

The guys from Oceania Growth Partners are now the Australian and New Zealand distributer for an innovative Irish company who have developed a unique flood protection barrier. The Dam East Flood Barrier (see ) replaces sand bags and other inefficient barriers with a simple to install, pressurised door and garage seal that prevents a house or commercial premises being flooded. This new flood protection barrier solves a number of long-term problems but first a little on the background and product. The locksmith Sacramento CA will make sure the locks on the doors are in good working order.

The product is patent protected and was a finalist in the resilience awards at the 2017 World Flood Expo. The product is high quality, durable, installable in a minute, and can prevent those floods which would otherwise cause a household or business premises to be inundated resulting in distress, business stoppage or the inability to be able to carry out normal household operation or administrative services (think councils, government departments) during or immediately post a flood event.

In terms of the problem being solved one needs to only consider the 1.3 Million homes that have a flood risk rating in Australia and reflect on the Brisbane floods, inundations around Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley, Bundaberg’s flood trauma, annual flooding in the Queensland tropics or the devastating effects of floods in Lismore over the last 12 months. The Dam Easy Flood Barrier solves the problem of 70% of homes or premises being flooded by 300mm of water resulting in, on average, $25,000 worth of damage or insurance claim per household. It is quick to install, and negates the need for resources, storage and transport and clean up / filling of sand bags. It can be easily installed and is also a more water-tight result than traditional methods.


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I am led to believe that fulfilling an order is a quick and direct process and one could also consider that the product itself has sufficient space on the front and back panels for branding and promotional purposes.

The costs and benefits speak for themselves when compared to the accumulated costs of alternatives and flood clean-up. Individual units retail for around $849 with an ability to extend width with a ‘joiner’ and there’s also discounts for larger volumes. This cost would be highly effective on a cost benefit analysis when compared to

– traditional methods and human resources required for one-off sand-bagging,

– asset loss and damage as a result of flooding,

– administrative or business stoppage due to flooding,

– the Dam Easy Flood Barrier is re-useable so cost per use decreases over time

– residential and business clean up costs, and

– increased insurance premiums that would otherwise result from high claim rates if not using a resilient flood protection barrier.


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