SPoR Workshops Canberra 8-16 August


Only a month till the face to face workshops in Canberra with Dr Long and Dr Ashhurst. The workshops are suitable for everyone, experienced or those new to SPoR.

The workshops are as follows:

Workshop Schedule
MiProfile Diagnostics – 8, 9, 10 August

  • Learn how to undertake Keypad surveying
  • Methodology and method of SPoR surveys
  • Understanding diagnostics and implicit knowing
  • Culture, myths, semiotics and the unconscious

Linguistics and Risk – 11,12 August

  • Learn how Language and Linguistics affect risk
  • Understanding discourse, language, para-linguistics
  • Non-verbal, gesture and semiotics as language
  • How language affects culture and unconscious decision making

Transdisciplinarity and Risk – 15,16 August

  • Learn about Transcoherence
  • Multimodal and embodied knowing
  • Working across fields, metaphor and disciplines
  • How to work across the disciplines in tackling risk

Semiotic Walk 13, 14 August

Semiotic Walk and Winery Tour 13, 14 August


Register for each module 9, 16 or 22 here: https://cllr.com.au/register-to-study/

Email Rob (robertlong2@icloud.com) if you need a tax invoice or discount if attending more than one module.

Questions and Contact

If you have any questions of concerns please email Dr Long here: robertlong2@icloud.com

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