SPoR Convention Canberra 18-21 September 2023

imagePlans are well under way for the SPoR International Convention to be held in Canberra 18-21 September 2023.

People have already registered from Europe and all over Australia and NZ. You can register here:


Two workshops will be held over the 4 days including and optional pre-convention Semiotic day on Sunday 17 September.

The structure and expected outcomes for the workshops are here:

18 September – Mythology and Risk
• Myth as constructed reality, meaning in myth
• Myth and symbol, common myths and models in risk

19 September – Mythology and Semiotics
• Semiotic confirmation of myth, ritual and gesture
• Myth in culture, politics and systems, confirmation bias

20 September – Embodiment and Learning
• Humans as embodied beings, 1B3M and disembodiment
• Binary/cartesian issues, brain-centrism, behaviourist myths

21 September – Embodiment, Leadership and Risk
• Embodied learning as movement, Tacit/felt knowing and faith
• Intersubjectivity, Intercorporeality, Semiosphere and meaning

Expected Outcomes

By the conclusion of the workshops participants will:

• Learn about links between mythology, symbols, models and meaning
• Bring together links between semiotics, embodiment, iCue and 1B3M
• Help participants create semiotic models with understanding
• Assist the deconstruction of myths, rituals, semiotics and belief
• Help target assumptions framed in models and systems
• Improve iCue Listening and advanced iCue Coding
• Build knowledge of the semiosphere and semiosis
• Empower embodied learning and leadership
• Build relationships with SPoR colleagues

This is your chance to meet people from all over the globe, including recent work in India, implementing SPoR methods in the management of risk and safety.

Keynote presenters will primarily be Dr Robert Long and Dr Craig Ashhurst but also presentations from others about how they are implementing SPoR in their organisations.

If you wish to register for just single days or if you are seeking the early bird 10% discount, contact Dr Long directly: robertlong2@mac.com

This Convention will be an exciting time of meeting and engaging with others who are implementing the many practical and positive methods of SPoR and how these improve risk, safety, culture and leadership.

All participants will receive a SPoR Convention pack including: manuals, iCue tools, Culture Audit tool, iCue workbook, magnet sets, scenario card packs and video tutorials.


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