Small and medium business health and safety revolution

Small and medium business health and safety revolution

Media Release – 16 February 2016

Fidesa ConsultingHaving kicked off 2016 with an ambitious new year’s resolution, Fidesa, a new player in the work health and safety space, is starting a revolution in health and safety support for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

It’s no secret that SMEs make up the vast majority of employers (>90%), create the majority of jobs (~70%), and drive our economy forward (~46% GDP) in Australia.

It’s less well known that the workplace health and safety (WHS) record of small and medium business needs substantial improvement, as reflected in the strategic objectives of WHS regulators across Australia.

In addition, business conditions for SMEs are tough, which challenges the priority placed upon and investment made in health and safety, compounding the often negative attitudes small and medium business have to health and safety.

Existing assistance is frequently of questionable value: compliance based, heavily paperwork focussed, or ignoring critical people and culture barriers versus enablers.

The form of the assistance can also present a challenge: priced high, inflexibly delivered, and confusingly communicated.  Direct employment of suitable specialist advice is often not an option.

As a result, SMEs can fail to manage their risks effectively, and miss out on the economic opportunities that good health and safety brings to their business overall, beyond reduction in death, injury and illness.

Introducing Safety. Simple. Powered by Fidesa.

Chief Change Agent at Fidesa, Andrew Barrett, said:

“This is workplace and health and safety like you have never seen it before.

“Our mission is to help those with the least help but the most to gain in improving health and safety – that is small and medium business.  They contribute so much to so many people’s lives, and Australia’s prosperity at-large.

“So our goal is to give back.  We are changing the game, facilitating change in a way quite different to conventional WHS approaches.

“We’re also creating a model which delivers amazing value through a suite of support options, with pricing that improves accessibility for small and medium budgets.

“Fidesa is seeking out SMEs who are open to the potential: that improving health and safety performance is a good investment in their business.

“And for those who aren’t committed or not yet convinced – we’ll show them value they have not seen before.”

More information about Fidesa’s ambitious plans for SMEs is available at


Andrew Barrett

M: 0422 403 506


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