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imageThe foundational tool in SPoR for tackling risk is the Risk iCue method. Risk iCue method is a graphical, relational, verbal and visual way of understanding risk. The method requires significant level of training in open questioning, listening and reflection.

This is the first video in a series that helps explain how iCue works. The method of iCue is explained at an introductory level in the book It Works, A New Approach to Risk and Safety.

This visual, verbal and semiotic method for understanding and assisting others tackle risk is radically different from any risk assessment product on the safety market. The iCue method facilitates open, reflective, social and participatory understandings of risk.

At an advanced level the iCue method helps ‘map’ the relationships between: decision making, behaviours, relationships, causality, ethical and political dynamics, social psychological drivers and risk wickedity.

Many organisations across the globe a using this radical method for tackling risk and it opens up a whole new way of visualising risk that transcends the paperwork, linear and binary approaches common to safety.

You can watch the video here: https://vimeo.com/777948243

Risk iCue Overview.mp4 from CLLR on Vimeo.

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