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By the late George Robotham

Facilitating OHS learning is a very important part of an OHS professional’s role but unfortunately many do not have high levels of skills in this area. The Cert. IV T.A.E. is the standard people are judged by. The reality is that this course has a number of limitations and only represents a learner’s permit.

For the learning to have meaning, activities should be organised to allow participants to discover the concepts for themselves (not always an easy thing to do). Discussions, case studies, practical exercises, role plays are preferred. These are usually more effective learning methods than the lecture but they take a longer period of time.

For adults interactive rather than passive learning strategies are preferred.

It has been suggested that we retain:

10 percent of what we read;

20 percent of what we hear;

30 percent of what we see;

50 percent of what we hear and see;

70 percent of what we say;

90 percent of what we say and do.

Saying and doing are certainly important for retention and later application.

For further information refer to Adult learning principles and process on ohschange.com.au

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