Mandala as a Method for Tackling an Ethic of Risk (a Video)

imageI always find it entertaining being told by safety people what doesn’t work in SPoR. It is so interesting because such deep thinking comes from people who have never engaged with SPoR, never read SPoR and don’t know what SPoR does. When all you know is a hammer every solution is a nail.

When I recently wrote about visual, verbal, relational and experiential learning ( it was made clear how mandala was being used in situ in a global corporation and how it worked.

For those who want to know how SPoR works there is plenty to read and download for free ( The trouble is, many in safety simply don’t want to know how SPoR works! ( This case study of SPoR at work in a global forestry and paper producer documents how SPoR works.

SPoR is at work across the globe in leadership, risk and safety in many organisations and many professions, as well as the safety industry.

Recently, Dr Nippin Anand, Dr Pedro Ferreira and I discussed how SPoR uses ‘mandala knowing’ to help leaders tackle risk in a global organisation based in India. You can see our discussion in the video below.

And if you want to know how SPoR works. Is practical, positive and doable you can register for the following:

So, if you want to write and tell me how SPoR doesn’t work, can I suggest you stick to what you are doing in safety and we all know how that works.

Mandala Symbolism relevance to risk management from CLLR on Vimeo.

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