Journey of a smoker

Journey of a smoker

A personal reflection by the late George Robotham 

I quit smoking about a month ago and feel I have done something significant in my life.

I am 58 and started smoking about 25. Back in the days when you could smoke in an office I used to go through a pack a day. The best thing that happened to me was bans on smoking in the workplace.

Smoking at work can be embarrassing. I set papers in my plastic rubbish bin on fire from ashing my cigarette into the rubbish bin. At one job a senior supervisor said I will never have credibility as a safety person if I smoked.

In the last 10 years I have had several half-hearted attempts at quitting smoking which have lasted for a few weeks

There is no doubt smoking is bad for you and in my case I suspect a fair bit of damage has been done.

Sometimes things happen that make a difference in your life.

About 2 months ago I got a severe lung infection. It was explained to me that this is more likely in smokers, is likely to be more severe with smokers and takes longer to get better with smokers. I went through a number of days where I had difficulty breathing

The penny dropped and I realised these breathing difficulties were what I had in front of me if I continued smoking

Giving up the smokes is not an easy thing to do but you are pretty silly if you do not do it. I would love a smoke now but realise the adverse health effects of taking it up again.

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