Introduction to SPoR, SEEK and Culture

Introduction to SPoR, SEEK and Culture – February 2024, Registrations of Interest

Planning is just starting for a face-to-face series of modules in Canberra in 2024 on 19-23 February. We already have had registrations of interest from over a dozen people and so in response to demand we are beginning early to inform people of this event.

As many may know Dr Long has retired from domestic travel and so if any face-to-face event is to occur it has to be in Canberra. So, the location is fixed.

It seems like people want workshops on: The foundations of psychology, social psychology, culture and application to engagement, investigations and organisational change. We can do these in 4 days as well as do a day in the middle teaching semiotics observations skills.

If this is something that interests you then you can register your interest here:

If you register interest, it simply means we put you on the mailing list, it is not a commitment to attend.


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