How To Implement Safety Measures And Prevent Work-Related Injuries

How To Implement Safety Measures And Prevent Work-Related Injuries

imageIn 2014, a farm company was sued and fined for $450,000 after the death of a teenage boy in a forklift incident.

The son of the owner brought his two friends at the farm to help harvest snow peas. A staff explained the procedures before leaving the teenagers alone by themselves.

The court heard that the teenagers were left without supervision. They were also not provided safety instructions while they were at the site. After the staff left, the boy who saw the forklifts key started driving it carelessly and did not use the seatbelt.

Hours later, the forklift tipped over and crushed the boy.

Lack of experience and safety instructions can cause severe incidents and worse, deaths. It is very important to know the safety measures of the equipment that are used in the workplace to avoid these kind of incidents.

Importance of knowing the safety measures

Many business owners today utilizes mechanical aids to increase work efficiency and workers satisfaction. Business owners should imply a consistent training and proper use of the equipment so that injuries and incidents on the workplace can be prevented.

Before purchasing new horticultural machines and nursery equipment, thorough workshops and trainings is a must. You can also check the specifications of the nursery equipment and make sure it meets the Australian safety standards before buying it to minimized the possible risks of staffs injury.

Lack of knowledge about safety measures and inappropriate use of vehicles, machines, and equipment can cause injuries and incidents. These occurrences may decrease your production, loss of morale and will cost you money for the worker’s compensations for several years. These complications will have a huge negative impact on your business.

Benefits of implementing safety measures

In business, the safety of the workers is essential. Avoiding incidents in the workplace can make your workers feel satisfied and help your company avoid massive amount of fine and penalty. Here are some benefits of implementing safety measures:

  • Protect your workers from suffering caused by accidents and ill health
  • Reduce absences and sick leave
  • Retain staff
  • Boost productivity and profits
  • Reduce your insurance premiums and legal costs.

Why workers tend to stress down over new changes

  • Surprised by the changes

Before you implement any changes, you should tell the workers that some changes will occur. Some workers tend to be shocked in any sudden modifications the management will implement. They will feel unprepared and unaware of about the sudden changes.

  • Lack of competence

With the sudden change that was implemented. Workers might feel unsure about the new safety instructions and methods that they must follow. They might feel they won’t be able to make the transition well enough thus enable them to accept the changes.

  • Poor communication

Communication is very important in the workplace. Employers should explain what the changes are about, how it can help the workers and its advantages. Let the workers feel content and understand the changes.

How to implement the safety measures

  • Consultation

Before developing health and safety procedures, as well as introducing the new safety instructions, it is recommended to consult with the workers about how the safety matters affect their day-to-day work. Listen to them and take note of the fears and concerns that they have.

  • Set a good example

You can practice the safety measures together with your workers. By doing that, you can encourage the workers to follow them. Be a good example and the rest will follow.

  • Clear explanation

Explain to them what the changes are and how it would benefit them. These safety measures can prevent injuries and incidents from taking place in the workplace. It is not only good for the company but for the workers as well.


One of the most important things in a business is the safety and contentment of the workers. By following the standard Australian safety measure, workers can avoid work-related injuries and accidents. A workplace that values safety can not only make the workers happy but also confident and motivated, which can result in an increase of production.

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