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Money Saved By Achieving Safety: Get A Free Safe Work Method Statement Now

Excavation. Delivery of materials. Electrical work. Plumbing installation. There are plenty of activities that could go on in any construction site. Whether it is something as comprehensive as a major renovation of a residential building or as limited as scaffolding tower erection, every construction work requires its own safe work method statement.

What is a safe work method statement? A safe work method statement is a document that is needed for all high-risk construction work. According to WorkCover, this document has to include, among other things, a list of the high-risk construction work that will be done, how the risks will be controlled and the measures implemented, and the health and safety hazards that may come from the tasks that have to be carried out. So it’s a very important document — and one you can actually get for free.

Indeed, a free safe work method statement is accessible online. Instead of creating one from scratch, you can now get a well-drafted template to customise for your particular project — without paying for it. A safe work method template may not be a significant expense, particularly for larger construction projects, but it is still nonetheless money saved. For small-scale projects like minor home renovations, a free template would certainly go a long way in keeping construction costs down without risking safety.

In addition to the money saved, you also save yourself time and effort in writing the document. Usual safe work method statements will come with worksheets, which describe and itemise the project details. These details include the following:

· Scope of the project

· High-risk work activities

· Identification of hazards involved in each task

· Risks to health and safety

· Control measures

· Persons responsible for monitoring and implementing controls

The safe work method statement (SWMS) should also include references used to create the SWMS, i.e., which code of practice applies to the specific project.

Would it not be easier and faster to have a ready-made, and free SWMS template, rather than to make one? You not only save yourself time and effort but you also guarantee that every aspect of the construction work will be addressed, that no detail will be left out. Even for minor construction work, neglected details can lead to accidents and unforeseen costs.

When getting the free template for your safe work method statement, make sure it comes from a reputable source so you’re guaranteed a high-quality document that is detailed and easily read.

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