Free Safety Induction Checklist

The Free Safety Induction Checklist: A Simple And Essential Tool To Reduce Injury In The Workplace

Companies have indeed become more vigilant about promoting safety in the workplace, and business observers note that the safety performance in a majority of both private and public organisations have significantly improved over the last 10 years. This shift in attitude is credited to more stringent government policies and regulations, as well as the realisation of a growing number of businesses that investing in safety really pays off big time – measured in terms of improved employee morale, increased productivity, reduced medical and insurance costs, and higher profitability.

Another factor that has enabled more organisations to establish safer workplaces is the increasing availability of tools and documents that help them understand relevant legislation so they can design, review and assess their safe working policies and processes accordingly. These documents have played a huge role in promoting worksite safety awareness and commitment among companies today, especially those engaged in highly hazardous work such as construction or chemical manufacturing.

In the past, something as basic as the safety induction checklist can cost a considerable amount of time and money for companies to get hold of. But now they can simply download a Free Safety Induction Checklist from a reputable source online.

Safety induction checklists are simple, practical and highly valuable tools for organisations wanting to ensure safety in the workplace and improve their strategies and policies for managing risks and reducing injuries and illnesses. Some of the general items in the list should include the following:

– Important steps to take when doing an orientation for a new employee on the health and safety laws in your area

– Procedures on how to report a safety-related incident or hazard

– Points of consideration when touring a new hire inside the workplace

– Instructions on lifting, carrying and putting down heavy loads without injury

– Dealing with hazardous substances

– Ensuring awareness of processes when navigating the plant and operating equipment

– Teaching the proper use of personal protective equipment

While some safety precautions are universal, each worksite and project is unique, making it necessary for organisations to customise their checklists to suit their needs and requirements. The checklist is also an integral (but just one) part of the entire safety induction process. Companies usually download the Free Safety Induction Template so they have a clear view and understanding of how to use the checklist effectively and incorporate its primary principles into the company’s organisational plans.

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