Free Safety EBooks

Free Safety EBooks

If you are a reader of this blog (and yesterday there were over 15,000 of you awesome people!) you would be familiar with and love the work of one our guest authors, George Robotham. George writes in a style that pleases most of us: Simple, plain English, practical and with no punches pulled. All of his work is based on his extensive experience in the real world of safety and from having to work for a living. He is a prolific writer and has an extreme passion for sharing his wisdom and mentoring Safety Professionals, new, young and old!

Last year he set himself a 12 month goal of combining his hundreds of articles into an EBook and then give it away. Well he out-did himself and had his first 216 page volume done in a couple of months! Then, based on the overwhelming response and positive feedback, he burned the midnight oil (George emails me a few times a night between 2 and 4am!!!) and backed it up with a 2nd Ebook which met with an equal response. I have just seen a draft of his 3rd and am expecting to be swamped with requests for this as well.

Soooo… if you are a new Safety Person and want to learn more in 4 hours than in 4 years at Safety Uni or if you are seasoned Safety Pro and sick of bashing your head against the wall or if you have a responsibility for safety at work (ie everyone of us) then do yourself a big favour and download these free resources. George welcomes debate and feedback of all kinds – his mantra is that it would be a boring old world if everyone agreed with him!

George’s first FREE EBook: Guidance for the beginning OHS professional

George’s second FREE EBook: Broader Management Skills for the OHS Professional

Coming Soon: “What It Means To Be An OHS Professional”

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