Free Safe Work Method Statement Example

How A Free Safe Work Method Statement Example Helps You Establish The Principles Of A Safe Workplace

The establishment of safe and healthy workplaces is a top priority of many local and global businesses today. In the past few years, organisations were investing and spending more for growing strategies that ensure workplace safety excellence. These businesses are breaking away from the long-held beliefs that used to consider injuries and illnesses as just a normal part of a day’s work, and are now focusing on nurturing the right culture and policies that make working safer than before.

As businesses become more aware of the value of workplace safety, they are also becoming more in tune with using the right tools and techniques that will help them succeed in championing their cause. Even documents that previously required huge budgets to be developed are now being made more available and easily accessible. For instance, you can now simply download a Free Safe Work Method Statement Example from a trusted source instead of starting from scratch or paying high professional fees to obtain a draft of the document.

With this type of help available, companies, even those in the industries identified as most hazardous, can protect employees and minimise illnesses and injuries through the use of highly effective, practical and legally compliant strategies.

A Free SWMS Example provides you a head start on championing the following pillars of safe and healthy workplaces:

Safety-oriented leadership. Business leaders, from the CEO to managers and line supervisors, should shoulder a higher level of accountability when it comes to establishing safety in the workplace. Your Safe Work Method Statement can provide the roles and responsibilities of leaders in making decisions, implementing policies and reviewing work processes and worker performance.

Effective communication. If your message is all about establishing workplace safety, then it’s important that you deliver this message clearly, strongly and consistently. Your Safe Work Method Statement can also detail the step-by-step procedures in developing policies and disseminating information about these policies in a way that is understandable and applicable for the workforce.

Investment in training and education. Your safety statements and documents can only be effective if workers are properly oriented and trained in the key processes and procedures it recommends. That’s why the training component is an important part of your workplace safety statement. Regulations about training new hires, up-skilling existing employees and updating all stakeholders about new policies and recommendations are expected to be a highlight of a highly effective Safe Work Method Statement.

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