Everyday Learning with Children

Everyday Learning with Children

National Guide to Early Childhood Education 2017/18 – Released

child safetyA child’s learning environment is everywhere, not just the classroom. As a parent or career, your role in a child’s early years are important, as you are the first teacher in their life. The 2017/18 edition of the National Guide to Early Childhood Education is an essential resource for parents and childcare centres used to assist, guide and support early childhood education.

The National Guide to Early Childhood Education is supported by Child Australia, Raising Children Network, Eczema Association Australasia and the Australian Swim Schools Association and is sent to childcare centres, preschools and children services across Australia free of charge.

Augmented Reality (AR) content is used within the Guide to provide educators and parents/careers with vital information and resources relevant to children’s early education. Not only is information available on first glance of this Guide, but by simply scanning over any ‘AR’ capable content using the free Pro-Vis AR App, educators and parents/carers can instantly download further content to their smart device.

The Guide covers a range of topics and includes many additional resources pertaining to:

· Cooking with children

· Gardening with children

· Toilet training

· Head lice

· Swimming safety

Children are perceptive learners and learn through their interactions and observations of others, whether it be family members, carers and other children. It is therefore imperative that as parents/carers and educators we interact and assist in our children’s processes of learning, and spend time playing and talking with them. If you as a parent are looking for a trustable daycare center for your children, then I would suggest you click on the following and check out Elkton daycare to provide your children with the same care and support that you would.

“I would like to thank all the sponsors of the National Guide to Early Childhood Education 2017/18. Their support has made it possible for the Guide to be distributed free of charge.”

– John Hutchings, CEO, Pro-Visual Publishing.

Pro-Visual Publishing is the leading specialist in wall-mounted workplace health & safety, food safety & hygiene, and wellbeing information resource guides. Each guide is practical and informative, providing a quick reference point for management and staff.

For further information, or to obtain additional copies of the Guide, please call (02) 8272 2611, email marketing@provisual.com.au or visit www.provisual.com.au

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