Basic Tips for Professional Success


Basic Tips for Professional Success

OHS and indeed all professionals need OHS technical skills but also need broader skills if they are to be successful.

Personal and business success

Success is doing your best to improve the situation, sometimes you may not achieve an objective but if you have really given it your best shot you have succeeded.

What leads to success

  1. Set huge but realistic goals.
  2. Get damn good at what you do through practice and focus, give and receive regular feedback.
  3. Serve others something of value. Whatever you do must be based on a needs analysis.
  4. Do the simplest thing that will work.
  5. Remember the 7 P rule-Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.
  6. Be a life-long learner in a variety of fields.
  7. It is often the relationships you build not your technical skills that determine success.
  8. Be squeaky clean in whatever you do or you will be found out, ask Bill Clinton or Mathew Johns.
  9. Whatever you do ask yourself “How will this work in the middle of the night when it is pouring down rain?” Use “real world” approaches not theory alone.
  10. Do not criticise others, compliment instead when you really mean it.
  11. Do not make excuses, accept 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you.
  12. Use humour in your interactions, no-one likes a grouch.
  13. Always treat others with respect.
  14. Plan ahead and the unexpected will not cause an emergency, always have a contingency approach.
  15. Do not take yourself too seriously.
  16. Your family and your health should always take precedence.
  17. Be gentle with yourself and others.
  18. It does no harm to do something silly every now and again, relax and generally chill out.
  19. Get away from the television and read.
  20. Celebrate success.

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