Zero is Meaningless

Originally posted on April 16, 2020 @ 8:05 AM

If you’re ready for a laugh look at the latest missive from the zero vision mob – global Safety. As Covid-19 cases climb over 2 million globally and fatalities over 130,000 ( ) out comes Safety with language of harm minimization.


Yes, in the latest missive from the Zero Vision Psychosis Organization (ZVPO) we see clear contradictions spruiking strategies for harm minimization.

So let’s look at some very simple language contradictions:

  1. How can you talk about zero vision and then maintain the idea of ‘flattening the curve’?
  2. How can you maintain harm minimization language such as ‘social distancing’ but maintain the language absolute of zero?
  3. How can you use the language of ‘pandemic’ as it contradicts the very brand of the organization?

It’s pretty simple, if your strategies are about harm minimization then you don’t believe in zero!

Oh, I hear the echoes of the brainless binary buffoons: ‘How many fatalities do you want today?’ The answer of course is: ‘why do you ask stupid binary questions?’

There can be no vision in zero because zero denies fallibility and is anti-learning.

The language and archetype of Zero looks pretty dumb in the real world when we talk about pandemic and by any measure, talk of zero is a measure of pure stupidity.

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