Zero Ideology as Maximum Offense, Zero Benefit

It is nothing short of front row entertainment to watch consultants dance around the offensiveness of zero and act as if it has some skerrick of merit. The last thing we want to do is be harsh on zero or abrupt, we might lose business.

There is nothing good about Zero. Any absolute applied to fallible human beings ( can only ever be unethical and offensive. There is only one trajectory to zero – brutalism and corruption. It is no surprise that the main sponsors of this ‘zero event’ are under investigation and plagued with scandal (; ).

Zero is a blunt instrument and all of its demands are blunt. There is nothing in Zero that can compromise, no nuanced mood of conciliation, listening or movement. Zero doesn’t move but expects you to move to it. And many do. They think they can support a Zero Event and somehow not be identified with it. This is the fraudulence of consultants who want to ‘play’ in the poo game but not be stained by its stink. Reminds me of Televangelists who seek to preach the gospel about the taboos of sex by entangling themselves in sex scandals ( Oh, didn’t you know, I was trying to influence and change them.

There is nothing gentle about Zero. It cannot be gentle. It demands absolutes for mortals and then presents videos about its own immortality ( This is zero ideology. It is a religious cult ( And, Zero describes itself cultically (

BTW, no safety practitioner believes in it (

But Zero doesn’t want to be made upset. It expects concessions, compromise and conciliation when it cannot offer the same. It expects people to tread around softly so that no one gets upset about their nonsense gobbledygook language ( and absurd methodology ( ).

In these days of political correctness, you better not preach zero at me because you will get a mouthful back. Don’t preach perfection at me, you won’t last long. Don’t tell me perfection is possible because my first questions will concern the perfection of the presenter. When one finger points at another, four fingers point back at you. Preaching zero to fallible people can only result in hypocrisy.

The truth is: Zero offers zero. Zero is a myth based on a myth.

The myth of injury rates as the measure of safety, created the myth that safety could be measured by injury rates.

This is why the only outcome of a ‘zero event’ can be zero. Except your bank balance will also be much smaller.

Thanks Heinrich ( What is even more mythological ( is that the industry continues to parade the concoctions of this 1930s charlatan of zero ( and he still dominates safety texts.

Sorry folks, all of this ‘softly softly’ stuff is just a performance ( Not in the safety measurement sense ( (because there is no measure for discernment) but in the sense ( of an ‘act’. And in Zero, the best act wins.


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