Xmas Safety Poem–Safety Tells

Originally posted on December 11, 2020 @ 10:35 AM

Safety Tells (sung to jingle bells)

imageDashing through the scrub

On a scorcher Christmas Eve

Slip, slap, slop the go

Pulling down my sleeve

Brim on hard hat wide

Hi viz head to toe

Sun protection aussie style

Zinc cream on the nose, hey!


Safety tells, safety tells

Safety tells each day

Morons don’t know what to do

So Safety saves the day, hey!

Safety tells, safety tells

Safety tells each day

It’s zero time, our Christmas rhyme

Singing out each day

Count your LTIs

Get your TRIFR right

You been good or bad?

A bonus now in sight

Metrics all the go

Dodge those numbers out

Safety smiles on bosses dial

Hey Safety it’s your shout, hey!


Cricket on the box

Thinking of the beach

Putting up the lights

Now’s the time to preach

Standing on a chair

Horror movie fright

You’ll kill yourself you silly ‘elf

‘n safety’s got it right, so!


And so it’s Christmas night

Air con on red flag

Safety’s on the go

Check that lead ‘n tag

Santa comes tonight

But Safety’s on crusade

The saviour comes to everyone

Safety on parade, oh!


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