What’s the Alternative to Traditional Safety? SPoR.

imageEvery time this cherry gets thrown at SPoR, it’s never about learning or enquiry. It’s a faux question to disguise endorsement of traditional safety. There’s never a follow up, never a contact email. Just faux rage at SPoR because it dares to criticise the dehumanisation of persons.

Unfortunately, traditional safety is comfortable, easy and powerful. Get out the checklist, police the checklist and punish the offender. That’s the model. Tell the rule, police the rule, punish the offender. Black and white, binary and abuse of power (https://safetyrisk.net/safety-ethics-spor-and-how-to-foster-the-abuse-of-power/).

There’s none so blind as those that don’t want to see.

For every criticism SPoR has of traditional safety and its demonising and dehumanising of persons, there are at least 10 positive, constructive, practical alternatives on offer, and all are free.

Let’s start with a few:

Free videos that explain alternatives:



Free books (12) that explain alternatives:


Free posters and papers that explain alternatives:


Free podcasts that explain alternatives:


Many blogs that explain alternatives:



Free Introductory course that starts the alternative:


A full 24 module curriculum that demonstrates and articulates the SPoR alternative:


A full training program that demonstrates alternatives:


Click on ‘services and programs’.

A gallery of photos showing SPoR as a working alternative:


and many organisations and companies across all sectors practicing SPoR as an alternative.

Oh, but yes SPoR, you offer no alternatives.

What a shame SPoR offers no alternatives that are practice, doable, successful, positive and constructive?

For those who are really wanting to know and learn about an alternative to traditional safety, the case study on the success of SPoR is here: https://www.humandymensions.com/product/it-works-a-new-approach-to-risk-and-safety/

SPoR not 3 slogans nor spin, no heroes or gurus with no method or methodology. SPoR is just back to the basics safety that works.

It’s all positive, practical, doable, constructive and it works! That’s the alternative.

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