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Originally posted on August 31, 2012 @ 11:50 AM

Traditional thinking about Safety & Risk Management just isn’t working

As any regular reader of this site would know, I am an ardent fan of the work and teachings of Dr Robert Long. His book, Risk Makes Sense (download here FREE), was a god send to me as it helped “arationalise” (NOT “rationalise”) and put in perspective my convoluted thoughts about the absurdity of doing safety the traditional and how it just ain’t working.

This morning I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Rob’s words come to life when I finally met the legend and watch him speak, with such passion, at a Breakfast Seminar in Brisbane. I am sure Rob could have talked for days and held us spell bound the entire time but, in his short presentation, filled with amusing card tricks and simple experiments, he left no-one in the audience in any doubt about the fact that unless we start understanding human decision making and the psychology of risk then WE DO NOT STAND A CHANCE! I think we were all quite embarrassed that hitherto we probably never got this basic insight into human nature and thinking and perhaps look back at the hard work we have done being somewhat of a waste of time. Rob gave some great examples of how Corporate giants get it and work their way into our consumer heads by stealth to prime, influence and control our thinking and behaviour.

How many of you are out there now working your butts off, trying to comply with legislation, controlling hazards, writing work method statements, developing more and more procedures and systems, producing checklists which are ticked and flicked, and then in response, developing more checklists to ensure that the first checklists are being used…….. I only have to look at the search terms used to find this website to know that the majority of you can relate to this. No-one can blame you as that is what our legislation demands and that is what our Universities teach. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately if you want to be positive), the people out there getting hurt know and want to tell us a different story.

Q: How is your traditional, rational approach to managing safety and risk going for you?

Q: How many of you think that ultimate best way to stop falling from ladder injuries is to ban them?

PLEASE!!! Do yourself a favour and get a copy of Rob’s Book: Risk Makes Sense

I would see no better value in getting Rob to come and talk to your Senior Management Team about making a paradigm shift in the way your organisation understands safety and risk is the light of the reality of the way humans make judgements and behave. Please visit his website for more info and contact details: https://www.humandymensions.com/

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