Understanding Language Influencing, A Video

For those interested in the way SPoR teaches practicality in its methods and, who want to learn, the following video discussion may be of value.

The trouble is Safety is well known as an industry of telling not listening (https://safetyrisk.net/telling-the-safety-way/). There is very little in the safety curriculum about listening, care and helping and nothing on ethics.

These tools/methods discussed in this video are an essential foundation to engagement and engagement starts with listening NOT telling.

Telling is about the power of what you know, to inflict judgement on another. And we know from the safety curriculum that Safety knows very little about persons. This is so common in the language and linguistics of safety (https://safetyrisk.net/it-is-not-my-responsibility-to-keep-you-safe/). When you believe that you have the responsibility to keep other people safe, such a daunting demand can only lead to control and brutalism.

If you believe that all risk must be reduced to zero and that your ideology demands no mistakes, no fallibility, no mortality or vulnerability, you have created a monster. This is the global ideology of Safety (https://visionzero.global/videos).

The behaviourist nonsense of binary in and out is NOT communication, telling is NOT communication.

If you want to learn, engage and ‘meet’ others then one needs to know and practice the art of listening and conversation. This is foundational in SPoR.

Unfortunately, the safety curriculum confuses formal meetings and telling and calls it ‘communication’. Behaviourism is antithetical to communication. The behaviourist Safety curriculum is only interested in; ‘in and out’. The engineering curriculum is focused on objects. The safety curriculum is focused on regulation.

None of the methods or tools discussed in this video are mentioned anywhere in safety.

If you want to learn more about how to use the tools in this video you can study the SPoR iCue method in Europe and in Canberra:



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