Two New Videos from Novellus

Novellus have release two new videos, as an outcome of the visit to Australia by Dr Nippin Anand.

The first video is a lovely chat with Greg Smith about the ineffectiveness of paper-based systems in risk and safety. This discussion doesn’t just raise concerns expressed in Greg’s most successful book Papersafe ( but prompts listeners to focus on the meaning and purpose of paper systems.

The second video is a chat with Dr Long in his courtyard in Canberra on the question: ’What is SPoR?’ Rob discusses the Social Psychology of Risk as a disposition, orientation and Discipline in contrast to what he calls ‘the measurement disciplines’. It is clear that these disciplines serve a valuable purpose but cannot deal with the challenges of Socialitie, Wicked Problems or the human fallible condition. SPoR offers a practical, positive and effective alternative to Traditional Safety.

You can find both videos here:

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