Something Different To Safety


imageI have just finished visiting a client in the mining field and was reflecting on some of the first conversations we had before we started working together.

The client only knew what they didn’t want!

  • They didn’t want a disaffected workforce.
  • They didn’t want echo chamber toolbox talks.
  • They didn’t want box ticking exercises.
  • They didn’t want stuff they already knew.
  • They didn’t want traditional safety.
  • They didn’t want dictatorial, finger pointing, overbearing safety.
  • They wanted something different.

So I asked them,

  • What about something humanising?
  • What about something with a proven record?
  • What about something that offers new learnings?
  • What about something that has science behind it?
  • What about something with a methodology?
  • What about something with a method?
  • What about something with a curriculum?
  • What about Social Psychology of Risk? (SPoR)

Six months into the journey and this is one happy client. Never have they asked so many questions, after a culture of telling people what to do. This organisation is now communicating across the organisation in ways that they never have before. They are tackling Risk and increasing their Risk iCue. They are now wanting to tackle culture.

Just bloody great conversations and a great air of optimism.

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