Practical Case Studies in SPoR Presented at Vienna Workshops



One of the features of any SPoR workshop is the practical positive methods one takes away, underpinned by a clearly articulated methodology. This will be a feature of the Vienna Workshops 26-30 June.

You can register for these workshops here: or email Dr Long directly for a 10% discount and he will invoice you:

The two workshops of offer for the week in Vienna are:

  • Advanced Semiotics
  • Advanced iCue
  • Bonus Semiotic Walk day at Mathausen.

Anyone who attends either workshop (or both), get as a bonus at no extra cost, a Day Semiotic Walk with Dr Long at Mathausen.

As a taster, Dr Long has written about his experiences of Mathausen here: Tackling Risk, A Field Guide to Risk and Learning pp. 51-57. (for free download In this walk Dr Long will help you see what others don’t see.

The guided Semiotic walk at Mathuasen with Dr Long is a bonus for any who attend either Workshop One on Semiotics or Workshop Two on iCue Engagement. If you haven’t been on a Semiotic Walk, this bonus day is not to be missed. In a Semiotic Walk Dr Long teaches you how to see the world semiotically, how to think semiotically and how the Semiosphere operates. In this walk Dr Long helps participants surface the unconscious as we make meaning of signs, symbols, iconics, myths, gestures and spacial literacy.

As part of this week, two global organisations that have been practicing SPoR for many years will give case studies on how SPoR works in their organisations.

In the Vienna workshops there will be a group in attendance from Borealis ( (who have a designated SPoR Manager in their organisation) and also case studies from Mondi Group. Borealis have been practicing SPoR for 10 years, Mondi Group ( ) for 5 years. You can read about the Mondi case study here: It Works, A New Approach to Risk and Safety (

SPoR is not some theoretical abstract or negative idea disconnected from practice. SPoR offers practical, positive and constructive alternatives to Traditional safety. There are hundreds of people and organisations practicing SPoR throughout the world. If you come to the workshops you will hear about how SPoR works.

So, there is a lot that is packed into this week in Vienna. We already have registrations from across Europe and North America, you are more than welcome to join us. Register online: or for a 10% discount directly with Dr Long: .

An Introduction to Semiotics and Risk from Human Dymensions on Vimeo.

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