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imageSometimes we get feedback from people in risk and safety for whom SPoR has transformed the way they tackle risk. On most occasions we don’t hear back from the many thousands who access all that is free and downloadable in SPoR.

This week I received a wonderful note from someone in the UK and decided to share it:

My journey with SPoR has been steady progress over years. The requirement to un-learn many years of exposure to absolute safety and the re-learning of the concepts of Risk and other disciplines.

I have tried in my work and largely succeeded in debunking the dehumanising negatives of safety industry. I have utilised SPoR concepts with a high degree of success.

iCue has been the “icing on the cake” of learning and comprehension. The idea in the first instance of listening and priming with questions, that allows people to explain how they do things and to obtain “gifts” is immensely powerful, fulfilling and “it Works”.

People take a great interest in seeing their thoughts mapped, the “buy in” is spectacular. They get 1B3Ms (one brain, 3 minds), risk skill development and they understand the nonsense of Zero.

Unfortunately, companies in the UK, especially the larger ones, are obsessed with virtue signalling, and they vie with one another to push their virtuous credentials. Pre qualifying supplier chain questionnaires, not only have a huge section of “safety” but also, Modern Slavery. Diversity. Living wage. Net Zero Carbon. Carbon Offsetting. Re-Cycling. Building Information etc.

These polices are required or an explanation of how they are to be implemented. The emphasis is always on the company supplying the service irrespective of relevance to the task. They are made to feel that they are a problem. This is especially prevalent at on site inductions. A usual scene of theatre, when the client representatives drones on about safety. This usually means, hand rails, band aid counting and PPE.

What we try to do and use iCue is to get a clear understanding of our worth, motivation and knowledge from highly job competent service engineers. To be able to cut through the crap and make demands and to use our knowledge of potential risk.

We are currently working on individual risk silos, that elevate the need for reams of individual non-contextual risk assessments, but demonstrate how risk can be minimised in essential dangerous conditions. Risk Skill development and HRO have all contributed to making a difference.

I attribute iCue learning as being the catalyst for understanding and bringing the concepts together.

SPoR is positive, practical, constructive, simple, doable and ethical, and it works! (

SPoR methods are being implemented with workers across the globe in all kinds and sizes of organisations and with great results.

You can start your journey here with the free Introduction to SPoR Course:

Or download free resources here:

You can study SPoR here:

All of the work of SPoR is tailored to where you are at: at the grassroots, coalface, middle management or executive. WE work in heavy industrial, oil and gas, construction, logistics, shipping, not for profit, community services, rail, manufacturing etc.

There are people all over the globe doing SPoR and it only takes an email to get you connected.

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