London Workshops 24-28 October

imageDr Long’s proposed workshops in London are fast approaching. If you are considering attending then the time to register is soon. This is the only time Dr Long proposes to visit the UK.

Dr Long’s workshops are always interactive, highly engaging and focus on outcomes in skill development. For example: improving skills in semiotics, perception, understanding motivation, human decision making and iCue listening are all critical for tackling risk and safety.

You can read more about the workshops here:

Dr Long’s work in the Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) challenges many mythologies believed in the risk and safety industry. This includes how the industry understands human judgment and decision making, the human unconscious, an ethic of personhood and how humans envision risk.

If you want to be part of a challenging approach to risk then register here:

Or here:

One of the features of the workshop series is the mystery semiotic walk on 26 October conducted by Dr Long. This event is a practical coaching session on how to understand the influence of semiotics and unconscious messaging.

The day includes preamble coaching, focus materials, tools to take away and skills practice. Semiotic walking is essential to any envisioning of risk in the workplace and requires skill development in thinking semiotically. This day gives participants a unique opportunity to experience a very different way of understanding the world or as Lotman would calls the world, ‘the Semiosphere’.

The locations for the walk may not even be known to Londoners and bring together unique opportunities for semiotic envisioning.

Similarly, the session on SEEK Investigations reveal a whole new way of understanding investigating, targeting critical skills omitted from all investigation methods.

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