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We know that good risk management is about getting people to talk, engage, ask questions and listen to each other. But what should I ask, how to formulate questions, and what really should I listen to? In other words, what is the method and what tools are available to achieve better engagement and improve our listening and observations skills?

This month’s newsletter includes a case study of a risk assessment, details about our next workshop where we focus on the practical methods for influencing your organisational culture and a podcast with my friend Craig Ashhurst on Transdisciplinary thinking in risk management.

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iCue as a risk assessment tool

A practical case

How can we ask open ended questions? How do we make people think and reflect about their assumptions and biases? How can we apply this framework to our current practices in risk management without having to redesign the entire system?

In this video we will focus on applying the iCue method to risk assessments and tool box discussions to generate engagement.

Understanding (Organisational) Culture

Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) in practice

4-6 October | Stavanger


This workshop is aimed at providing a framework and a set of practical methods and tools with the view to understand and influence culture. The Social Psychology of Risk (SPoR) understands culture Semiotically and Poetically. Industry normally seeks to define culture conceptually and propositionally and this most often leads to confusion. Expect 2.5 days of interactive discussions, role play exercises, practice, fun and play for that is how learning becomes embodied and sustainable.

To make it truly Transdisciplinary we will also have Professor Erik Hollnagel joining us and presenting his views about Safety II and resilience.

Workshop registration


SPoR workshops in Vienna with Rob Long and Matt Thorne, 26-30 June:

This is a one-off opportunity to study in Europe with Dr Long and team. The 5 day program offers 2 workshops: Advanced iCue and Advanced Semiotics, including a Semiotic Walk

Transdisciplinary thinking

A podcast with Craig Ashhurst

A podcast where we discuss wicked problems, why there is no such thing like normal, the importance of transdisciplinary thinking in risk management, why we should take our dreams seriously but most importantly, despite such diverse backgrounds how Craig and I ended up working, living and being something so similar.

More opportunities to learn about SPoR

iCue online taster session on 30th May:

This 1 hour online session provides an introduction to the basic concepts and an insight into the potential of iCue as one of the fundamental tools in SPoR.

iCue online coaching series from 12th October to 16th November:

This  has been one of our most appealing experiences. It is an online series of 9  sessions with 1 hour duration each. It builds a paced learning journey with ample opportunities for a personal growth.

Events page

Watch the iCue engagement video

More worked examples of the iCue method:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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