Day Zero. SPoR in Europe

I’ve decided to keep a bit of a diary for those interested in SPoR and what’s happening over the next 2 weeks.

I’m off for 2 weeks of workshops with Dr Rob in Austria and Hungary.

So let’s start with Day Zero. Day Zero doesn’t mean we do nothing. So doesn’t that make it a paradox. Yes, that’s the point

I write this as I sit in the lounge at Sydney International Airport having said goodbye to my wife and 7 kids, who are all excited for me. I’ve worked with Rob on the program and it will be so much fun helping, caring and facilitating learning in SPoR for all those who have registered. This will be a nice complement to the current work I’m doing in SPoR in local government and Mining.

Lately I have been supporting SPoR work in Brazil and our workshop on Learning on Friday was wonderful. It’s a lovely group of 50 all eager to better understand learning and what moves people to change, the e-motion of learning.

At the moment I am working my way through the culture cloud because that’s what our first workshop is after landing, amongst other things. Such a challenging program to the traditional approach to culture in safety that either says ‘don’t talk about it’ or its all too hard. Of course its not when one moves away from the engineering-behaviourism worldview.

Look forward to telling you more about what we are doing as we go along.

Cheers Matt


Rob and Matt, Brisbane May 2023

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